Suspicious Box (2)
Start Assassin Iku
End Assassin Iku
Prerequisites none
Level 25
Location Prontera
Rewards Experience, Money
Previous Next
Suspicious Box Shadow Fiend


Protect Assassin Iku from the Shadow Fiends.


"Ha ha ha. Well done. I can't believe you just graduated from Elemento.

Actually, my mission was just to spy on them to see whether there was any weapon trafficking. But I had a hunch about the contents of the box they were carrying so carefully.

No, really. It was as if the box was luring me in! So I was going to recover the box when they were not looking and report to Hiryu, but was caught and got chased down. I got too greedy. Ha ha......

Anyhow, snigger......

What could be inside to make them so cautious and careful? Don't you want to know? Shall we take a look?"


  • 200 Base EXP
  • 400 Rupi


"Are you okay? What were those black things?

Hey, you're badly wounded! You don't look so good. Are you alright?"

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