Thanatos Tower
Inside Thanatos Tower.
End none
Prerequisites 1 Fragment of Misery, 1 Fragment of Agony, 1 Fragment of Hatred, 1 Fragment of Despair
Level none
Location Juno
Rewards Summon
Previous Next
none none


Traverse the dangerous Thanatos Tower.


No data yet.


  • In order to access floors higher than 6, players must be either a Rebirth class or Expanded class above level 95. Restriction lifted.
  • If you do NOT intend to finish the entire quest at one time, you should be aware that once you obtain the Keys (possibly the stones as well), they cannot be put into storage or dropped. If every amount of weight counts on your character, you would be wise not to do this quest if you don't intend to do it to completion (or at least until you use all of the items).
  • This quest is repeatable.



No completion dialogue.

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  • Patch (2016 Jul. 03)
    • The [Thanatos Tower] quest is modified:
      • EXP Rewards: Base EXP: 1,200,000. Job EXP: 1,000,000. Meaning a 1000% increment.
      • Minimum Lv.: Base Lv. 91 or above.
      • Lv.3 or Lv.4 weapons can be used to obtain the [Red Key].
      • Removed level restriction to access upper floors. If the player has the [Black Key] and is Base Lv.95 or above, it can enter regardless of Job or Rebirth status.
      • Once the [Burled's Favor] quest is completed, the [Black Key] will no longer be required to access upper floors.