The Enterprise
RO Poster13
The spirits of the unfortunate.
Start Random pop-up dialogue.
RO SueiiSlierre
Prerequisites 1 Handcuffs, 1 Glass Bead, 1 Bouquet, 5 Holy Water, 1 Grampa Beard, 1 Geek Glasses
Level Base Level 60+
Location Lighthalzen
Rewards Experience, Items
Previous Next
Biolabs Entry Rebellion
Serious Rumor


Learn the story behind the research of the Regenschirm Laboratory.


"... elp... help...

I... I despise the living."


  • Once you have access to the Regenschirm Laboratory, then you will need to find a pair of Handcuffs. You must have at least 1 pair of handcuffs in your inventory to talk to many of the NPCs throughout this quest.
  • To get the dialogue pop-up box to appear in the laboratory, walk over the cell several times until it pops up. You will get Cursed for each attempt.



  • Level 60-69
    • 80,000 Base EXP
    • 30,000 Job EXP
  • Level 70-79
    • 100,000 Base EXP
    • 50,000 Job EXP
  • Level 80-89
    • 150,000 Base EXP
    • 80,000 Job EXP
  • Level 90-99
    • 200,000 Base EXP
    • 100,000 Job EXP



"Oh good, you're here. You were right all along. In our investigation, we found that Wolfchev was conducting unauthorized and very dangerous research. I owe you our thanks."

[What was he doing...?]

"It turns out that Wolfchev was kidnapping weak and sick people from the slums and using them as his guinea pigs. Rest assured, he'll be punished for his behavior, if not fired. Yes, there's nothing so taboo as trying to perform homunculus experiments on people.

Anyways, please accept this as a token of our gratitude, adventurer. Let me promise you that Rekenber will ensure that this kind of incident will not be repeated and we'll do everything in our power to compensate for this..."

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