The Past Went Wrong
RO ThePastWentWrongQuest
Inside the domestic airship.
RO KainHimere
RO KainHimere
Prerequisites none
Level none
Location Einbroch
Rewards Experience
Previous Next
none none


Help Kain Himere deliver a package to Defru Ark at the Einbroch Hotel.


"Welcome to the Airship~

If you have questions or need any assistance, please don't hesitate to ask me or any one of the other crewmen.

[About the Airship...]

Is this your first time flying? I understand if you feel nervous. Before I worked here, I used to feel the same way. Still this Airship is pretty amazing. It's incredible what science can do...

I hear from the scholars who developed the Airship technology that just a little piece of the Heart of Ymir generates the power for this ship to fly. Incredible...

You know, scientific research has made living easier and more comfortable in the Schwarzwald Republic, much in the way magic research has changed life in the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom.

[What else is used for transportation?]

Transportation? Well, there's a train that runs between Einbech and Einbroch. Aside from riding the Airship and the Train, there's walking and that's it. Hahaha~

[About the Airship...]

You want to hear more about the Airship? Hmm, there's not too much that I know, but let me see...

Well, it's rumored that this really big cooperation runs this Airship. Supposedly, they've got their hands in all sorts of enterprises. Since the Airships are our form of national transportation, the higher-ups must be making a ton of money. It's pretty crazy.

[About the Airship...]

You must really want to know all about the Airship, don't you? I'm sorry, but I don't know much more than what I've already told you. I guess if you'd want to know more, you should study to become a Sage in Juno and do your own Airship research...


E-excuse me...


[What's wrong?]

I'm sorry, but it's a long story. Plus, you wouldn't understand...

[I have time for a long story.]"


  • You will be traveling in and out of the domestic airship for the entirety of this quest. Make sure you have enough Zeny to do so.



You give his wife's journal to Kain and tell him that you learn that Tarsha is really his daughter and that she is happily married and is an inventor in Einbroch.

Kain's eyes well with tears and his entire body trembles with unrestrainable joy.

"She must have had a hard time... But she doesn't hate me after all.

Rashelle? Can you see me? Can I really be this happy? I'm so sorry, my love... (Sob...)

Thank you for all of your help, youngster. And please, take this as a token of my gratitude. I know this isn't much, but please understand that it's all I have to give you. God bless you for all you've done for me~"

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