The Sign (4)
RO TheSignQuest
A house in Prontera.
RO MetzBrayde
RO Kirkena
Prerequisites 80,000 Zeny
Level 50
Location Prontera, Niflheim
Rewards Experience
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The Sign The Sign


Seek out the realm of Niflheim.


"Hmm... 'The town where the rejected are left behind.' What does that mean and where could it be...?"


  • Don't equip Serin's Gold Ring during the quest or it'll be confiscated by certain NPCs!
  • Towards the end of this quest, you have the choice of giving the Symbol of the Nine Realms to either Kirkena or Serin. Picking one or the other will either lengthen or shorten the quest.
    • If you give the symbol to Kirkena, Serin (in Niflheim) will give you an additional 500,000 base EXP if you return her ring to her (if you took the path that gave it). This must be done before talking to Lady Hel, otherwise Serin will tell you "....." and /sob.
    • If you fail on the Kirkena path, the Niflheim NPCs will no longer talk to you.
  • DO NOT enter the portal inside Kirkena's room, or you won't be able to turn back to get the EXP or finish The Sign quest.


  • 500,000 Base EXP


"You've done well. Without the memories of her previous life, Serin can remain here in Niflheim peacefully.

Although she failed to return to life, I'm sure she is glad to have met you. I think she's also starting to learn that life's meaning is not in living alone...

Once again, thank you so much for your help. Once you finish here, please visit our queen, Lady Hel. I believe she wants to see you for some reason, <name>..."

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