The Way of the Monk
Start Master Enrang
End Red Lotus Pei
Prerequisites none
Level 25
Location Prontera
Rewards Experience, Money
Previous Next
Breakdown none


Meet Red Lotus Pei to complete the quest and change your job.


"Now, all your Acolyte skills will be forgotten soon. But do not worry. Whether it's coincidence or the will of Baldur……. Your aeremia and energy flow has been changed to suit the training of the Monks.

If you want it, meet Red Lotus Pei. I will send a message to her. Now, go."


  • Notice: If you wish to become a Monk, talk to Pei again and select the Change Job button at the bottom.



"Can’t make your mind up?

It does not matter. Everything is up to you……."


"Yes, I got the message from Master Enrang. I was so surprised to hear the news…….

You want to be a Monk? Don't choose a path you do not truly wish. This is no easy path. Master Enrang said……. Well, you probably can't see it, but I want to bet on the mysterious energy that flows around you.

Fine. I will approve of you becoming a Monk!"

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