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Understanding the Culture of Utan
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Inside the Umbala Chief's hut.
Chief Karkatan
Chief Karkatan
Prerequisites 10 Oil Paper, 5 Slick Paper, 1 Feather of Birds, 1 Squid Ink, 1 Mr. Smile
Level none
Location Umbala
Rewards Ability to speak with Umbala NPCs
Previous Next
none The Sign
Ore Downgrading


Learn the language of Umbala from Chief Karkatan.


"Huh huh, a Rune-Midgartsian. I guess this is your first visit to my village, isn't it?

Everyone from Rune-Midgarts that I've met had the same expression on their face as you do right now when they first came here. Maybe it's because they cannot communicate with us due to the language barrier, so they have no idea what's going on. Yeah, I understand...

Anyway, welcome to my village. My name is Karkatan and I am the chief of the Utan Tribe. You must be wondering how I can speak your language.

It was taught to me long ago by an adventurer from your land. It's been a long time and I do not know what has become of him...

Anyhow, I learned many things about Rune-Midgartsian culture and language. Sometimes, I teach the Utan language, but I do not give everyone that privilege. If unscrupulous outsiders learn the Utan language, they may bring harm to my tribe.

Before you can learn the Utan language, first try to learn the Utan culture by exploring our village. Although you are not able to communicate with my people right now, try to understand our way of life through your observations. Pay attention to the dress, appearance, and lifestyle of the local people. When you think you understand enough about Utan culture, come back to me and show me what you have learned."


  • Make sure you're wearing a mask when you revisit the chief. The most common one to use for this quest is Mr. Smile, which can easily be crafted at any major Rune-Midgarts city.


  • Ability to speak with Umbala NPCs


"Okay, I guess we're good to go. Let's get the lesson started. I hope you will communicate better with Utans when we are done.





Alright, that's all. Just forget about how you've felt about Utans before you learned the language. Now go try to talk to Utans. Conversation is a very important method in understanding others.

Okay, if you have any business in our village later, feel free to talk to me. I will try to help you as much as I can."

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