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Vanaheim Magic
Start Unions Window
End Lucy Amliss
Prerequisites none
Level 50
Location Unions Window
Rewards Union Points
Previous Next
none none


Collect Magic Energy of Vanaheim from Imps and Demons from Arrogance's Vanaheim in Payon Forest and Fury's Vanaheim in Maple Forest, and then deliver them to Flame Lucy Amliss at the Prontera Palace.


Ah, it's me, Lucy. Flame Lucy. I have a request for you to get me something I need.

Are you aware of the Dimension Cracks at Payon Forest and Maple Forest? They say the cracks are connected to the other world of Vanaheim. I wonder what kind of energy flows from within Vanaheim? My will to research is on fire once again! Go to the Dimension Cracks of either Payon Forest or Maple Forest and bring me some Vanaheim's Magic Fragments from the demons there.

When you're done, just bring it to me. Where am I? What, you really don't know? Prontera Palace, right next to the King himself is me! Flame Lucy!


  • This quest can be acquired again 6 hours after completion.



"Magic called 'Rune' flows from the ground here in Midgard. The general public doesn't know, but we Magicians do. Magic used by Sorcerers and Wizards are all powered by Rune Magic. Vanaheim also has magic flowing from its ground, and this is the concentrated crystal of it.

I wonder what effects this will have on normans. Well done."

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