Wandering Guardian
RO WanderingGuardianQuest
Within the Forest of Mist.
RO Loki(quest)
RO Loki(quest)2
Prerequisites none
Level 99
Location Mora
Rewards Items, Experience
Previous Next
none Bring Me Research Tools


Help Loki find a female guard with purple hair.


"Do you plan to pass through here? I would advise against it if you're just curious. It will only bring about your untimely death.

If you are determined to pass through here, I will ask for your help with something."

[Who are you?]

"Loki... from the Assassins Guild.

That's my name. And yours?"

<name>: "...<name>, sir."

"I see. <name>. I'm asking you again: do you plan to pass through this forest?"

[Yes, I do.]

"Then I'll ask you a question: have you ever seen a guard? A girl with purple hair?"

[No, I haven't.]

"So you haven't. You're telling the truth.

Now we have to say goodbye here. If you survive this forest, of course."



Loki: "It's not too late. You're still a guardian. You still have things to do."

Nidhoggr: "...Oh yes. It's late, but I still have to fulfill my duties as a guardian.

Now I know. I'll destroy Surt with my own hands. I will fulfill my duties as a guardian."

[You're not alone.]

Nidhoggr: "You're right. It may be why I haven't been forsaken—to realize that I'm not alone. You are a kind soul.

<name>... Thanks for listening to my long story. It's what I always have with me. I'm sure it will protect you someday."

Loki: Removes his scarf from around his neck and hands it to you.

Nidhoggr: "May the blessing of Mother Yggdrasil be with you..."

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