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For the RO/RO2 cash shop, see Kafra Shop.
RO Shop
Type Store
Industry Retail
Founded 2003 August 08[1]
Headquarters Seoul, Republic of Korea
Products Ragnarok merchandise
Website RO Shop Korean

RO Shop is the name of GRAVITY's online store that specializes in Ragnarok Online merchandise, ranging from toys and figures to stationary and home goods.[2]


RO Shop opened on 2003 August 08.[3] It was promoted at the Korea Amuse World Game Expo (KAMEX) about a year later in 2004. The store lasted until at least 2009 and then it disappeared off the Internet.

In 2010, there was mention of reviving RO Shop in a new developer-oriented website, but nothing came out of it.[4] In recent years, the term RO Shop has come to refer to the Kafra Shop on kRO rather than the original online store.[5] It is unknown if the original RO Shop will ever be brought back.



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