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Rafles are a race of plant spirits that reside in Bifrost. They established the village of Mora along with their own currency, Mora Coins. It is unknown if they are related to the Rafflesias that are native to Midgard.

On iRO, this race is localized as Raffle.


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Rafles are black spirits covered in leaves that help them camouflage in the flora and fauna of Bifrost. Males tend to be generally leafy while females display flowery elements.


Rafle language does not have a particular name for it. But thanks to the power of Bifrost, anyone can communicated with Rafles.

Rafle Primer

  • lali - greeting exclamation
  • laoh - greeting exclamation
  • lala - greeting exclamation

Rafle Names

  • Nemnem
  • Rangrang
  • Mungmung
  • Kuorita
  • Lilitia
  • Infle

Job Classes

Rafles have established themselves as good Merchants and have the tenacity to be Knights, although their physical abilities to be Knights are questionable.[1]