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Publisher(s) Daiwon C.I. (Comic Champ magazine)
Distributor(s) Madman Entertainment (England)
Tokyopop (North America)
Chuang Yi (Singapore)
Writer(s) Lee Myung-jin
Artist(s) Lee Myung-jin
Release date(s) 1995 - on hiatus
Genre(s) Action/adventure
Mythology in comics

Ragnarök (Korean: 라그나로크 Ragnarok, lit. "Ragnarök") is a manhwa created by Lee Myung-jin and published by Daiwon C.I. in South Korea. There are currently 10 volumes in circulation, published in English in North America by Tokyopop from 2002 May 21 to 2004 April 6.

The series is mainly based on Norse mythology but is influenced by various other cultures. It falls into the genres of fantasy, action and adventure.

This manhwa became the basis of the widely popular Korean MMORPG, Ragnarök Online developed by GRAVITY Corp, which in turn was the basis for an adaptation into the anime, Ragnarök the Animation. Currently, Ragnarök is on indefinite hiatus mode as Lee Myung-jin is helping with the development of Ragnarök Online.


Ragnarök follows the life and adventures of the warrior Chaos, who is an amnesiac that cannot remember anything from before the last two years in his life. He resides in the city of Payon, inhabited by a long lineage of warriors. The newest leader in line to claim the head position of the village is a young woman by the name of Iris Irine, who trains with her close friend Chaos to become a suitable leader for her people. Meanwhile, Fenris Fenrir searches for Baldr's reincarnation to bring about Ragnarök.

Manhwa Volumes

The series was supposed to go on for 40+ books, but Lee Myung-Jin has put it aside to work on artwork for Ragnarok Online instead.

The manhwa has had the subtitle "Into the Abyss" appended in later years due to the existence of a manga that shares the same name in Japan.

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