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Ragnarök (Volume 1)
Ragnarok manhwa.jpg
Author Lee Myung-jin
Illustrator Lee Myung-jin
Published on 1995 November 26 (Korean)
2002 May 21 (English)
Published by Daiwon C.I. (Korea)
TokyoPop (North America)
ISBN 1931514739
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Eve of Apocalypse

The winds of fate are blowing through the realm of Midgard. Ragnarök, the prophesized fall of the gods, is at hand, and the age of man is set to begin. But the ancient gods are not about to resign themselves to fate. They have sent their elite warriors, the Valkyries, the scour the land for those destined to bring about Ragnarök. If the event can be prevented, the reign of the gods will continue for another 1,000 years.

Fenris Fenrir knows Ragnarök must happen. She is on a desperate search to find the reincarnation of Baldr, the fallen god, with whose help she can change the world. But if the Valkyries find him first, Fenris' quest may be over before it even begins.[1]




  1. Volume 1 summary

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