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Ragnarök (Volume 2)
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Author Lee Myung-jin
Illustrator Lee Myung-jin
Published on 1999 January 23 (Korean)
2002 July 23 (English)
Published by Daiwon C.I. (Korea)
TokyoPop (North America)
ISBN 1931514747
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Day of Reckoning

Twelve years ago, a terrible act was committed in the city of Payon. Lord Irine's eldest daughter was to be sacrificed and a new heir proclaimed. But things didn't go as planned. The child escaped and was adopted into Freyja's army of Valkyries. Now the prodigal daughter has returned and all will feel her vengeance.

Other warriors have converged upon Payon as well. Sakray, a Swordsman with a cursed blade, has come in search of the blood that will free him. Chaos, a Rune Knight with no memories, would like to make the town his home. Fenris Fenrir is searching for Baldr, the god that will help her bring about Ragnarök. With all the pieces in place, the final battle is set to begin.[1]




  1. Volume 2 summary

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