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Ragnarök (Volume 4)
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Author Lee Myung-jin
Illustrator Lee Myung-jin
Published on 1999 August 12 (Korean)
2002 November 19 (English)
Published by Daiwon C.I. (Korea)
TokyoPop (North America)
ISBN 1931514763
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Dawn of Destruction

Loki, greatest of all Assassins, returns to his guild only to find it in ruins and his brethren slain. The only clues to the architect of this destruction are the symbol of an ancient order of warriors and the name "Chaos." His heart set on vengeance, Loki sets out to find this Chaos and repay him in kind.

Another killer, the cursed Swordsman Sakray, is on Chaos' trail. He seeks the blood that will satisfy his demon sword's thirst and, if his instincts are correct, Chaos' blood will do just that. Last time he and the Rune Knight me, Chaos escaped. Sakray carried out the Assassins Guild massacre to set a trap for Chaos; weakened by a battle with Loki, he should be easy prey. Destiny brings these three great warriors together, but in the mortal realm of Midgard, destiny doesn't always go as the gods planned.[1]




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