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Ragnarök (Volume 6)
Ragnarok manhwa6.jpg
Author Lee Myung-jin
Illustrator Lee Myung-jin
Published on 2000 August 05 (Korean)
2003 March 11 (English)
Published by Daiwon C.I. (Korea)
TokyoPop (North America)
ISBN 193151478X
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Darker things than storm clouds have gathered over the once-golden city of Prontera. The necromancer Himmelmez, one of Freyja's generals, has brought her floating fortress, the Dark Whisper, to occupy Volsug's capital with her unholy army. Dark Whisper's snaking tendrils of bone and nail lay waste the peaceful city and her undead legions slaughter the populace in their search for Ymir's Heart, life source of all Midgard.

Dark clouds these are indeed, but not without a silver lining. The fates have brought four young heroes who may have the strength to stand against Himmelmez. Face by such an overwhelming foe, the fellowship has broken into two parties. Chaos, the Rune Knight, and his Assassin friend Loki take to Prontera's streets to face Himmelmez's forces directly. Meanwhile, Fenris the Warlock and Iris the Cleric, sisters-in-arms, descend to the bowels of Prontera's keep to protect Ymir's Heart from the invaders and just in time. The witch, Bijou, an abomination of stitchery, has already begun to release the heart and, with her giant Geirrod by her side, she isn't about to let anyone stop her from completing her mistress's bidding.[1]




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