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Ragnarök (Volume 9)
Ragnarok manhwa9.jpg
Author Lee Myung-jin
Illustrator Lee Myung-jin
Published on 2001 December 17 (Korean)
2004 January 13 (English)
Published by Daiwon C.I. (Korea)
TokyoPop (North America)
ISBN 1591822084
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Legacy of the Vanar

Welcome to Geffen, the city of enchantment, where Witches and Warlocks of every ilk flock to trade their wares and test their mettle. An unexpected detour has stranded Chaos and his companions in this mystic metropolis during the busiest time of the year—the Festival of Magic. With all traffic out of the city shut down for the duration of the event, it seems our heroes will never be able to reach the next shard of Ymir's Heart in time. But perhaps there is a way... Fenris Fenrir has entered the Tournament of Magic, a battle of wits and wizardry with prizes beyond compare for the victor.[1]




  1. Volume 9 summary

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