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Only took them 15 years to finally flesh out the lore.
Publisher(s) Kakao Corp.
Distributor(s) Daum (Korea)
Kakao (Korea)
GungHo Online Entertainment (Japan)
Naver (Indonesia & English)
Writer(s) Hwang Dong[1]
Artist(s) Seo Jae Il[2]
Release date(s) 2017 November 05
Genre(s) Action/Fantasy

Ragnarök, or Ragnarök: Requiem for the Lost (Korean: 라그나로크 - 잊혀진 자들을 위한 진혼곡), is an official webcomic by GRAVITY that serves to further flesh out the story of Seyren Windsor and the other adventurers that met a tragic end by machinations of the Regenschirm Laboratory. The story takes place between Episode 10 and 11 of Ragnarok Online and encompasses a total of 16 episodes released on a weekly basis.[3]


When King Tristan Gaebolg III goes missing, Captain Herman von Efesiers tasks Seyren to find the lost monarch. With the help of his friends and comrades, Seyren's journey to find the king takes him to the northern country of Schwarzwald.


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