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Ragnarök ORIGIN
Developer(s) Tencent[1]
Publisher(s) GRAVITY Co.
Platform(s) iOS, Android
Release date(s) 2020 July 07 (Korea)[2][3]
Genre(s) MMORPG

Ragnarök ORIGIN is a mobile game based on Ragnarok Online.[4] It was originally known as Ragnarök: Love at First Sight and then Ragnarök: First Love.[5]


  • A New game that perfectly embodies the feel of Ragnarok Online.
  • Encounter a new Ragnarok with faithfully remade look and upgraded gameplay.
  • Once again feel the emotion as you play through the cycle of the original story.
  • Explore famous cities of Ragnarok reborn with beautiful and massive scale graphics.
  • Enjoy a fantasy life enriched with skills like gardening, mining, and fishing.
  • We present you with a new experience of Ragnarok reinterpreted in its best and complete way.[6]


ORIGIN Job Classes.jpg

There are currently six main job classes available in the game, each with unique specialized jobs that can be unlocked at base levels 40 and 70.


Swordsman (Class)

These warriors have a resilient physique and powerful melee skills. They can often be found as the vanguard fighting on the frontline while protecting damage dealers from harm.

Promotion Classes:

  • Knight
  • Crusader


Magician (Class)

Magicians can harness the power of several elements and release destructive power upon their enemies. However, Magicians must maintain a safe distance from their enemies to survive!

Promotion Classes:

  • Wizard
  • Sage


Acolyte (Class)

The Acolyte is the speaker of God. They can cleanse the undead and heal teammates, providing buffs and logistical resources for the team. They are truly indispensable!

Promotion Classes:

  • Priest
  • Monk


Thief (Class)

Thieves are masters of stealth, sneaking up on their enemies to strike with deadly precision at close range.

Promotion Classes:

  • Assassin
  • Rogue


Archer (Class)

The highly mobile and agile, the Archer can launch arrows at enemies from a distance. They control the initiative of the battlefield, and are experts at crowd control.

Promotion Classes:

  • Hunter
  • Dancer


Merchant (Class)

Merchants are talented at business with an unmatched trading skill. They make their fortunes by buying goods at a low price and selling them at a profit. They use Mammonite to utilize their riches, throwing damaging gold at their foes and competitors alike!

Promotion Classes:

  • Blacksmith
  • Alchemist




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