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Ragnarök Webtoon (Episode 10)
ROWebtoon Episode10(10).jpg
Author Hwang Dong
Illustrator Seo Jae Il
Published on 2017 November 05 (Korean)
2020 October 25 (English)[1]
Published by Kakao (Korea)
Gravity Interactive (North America)
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Ragnarok Webtoon (Episode 9) Ragnarok Webtoon (Episode 11)

Seyren and Howard encounter one of Borsev's experiments. Meanwhile, Cecil learns more about why she and her comrades were targeted.

Featured Characters


  • The laboratory that Cecil breaks into features a cork board with images of Kavach Icarus, Errende Ebecee, Armaia Dinze, Laurell Weinder, and Ygnizem Cenia pinned on it. Interesting to note that the images featured are their card art instead of actual photographs of them. Also, there's 2 images of Egnigem on the board, suggesting the images are meant to be progress photos, which does not make sense given the poses the characters are in.


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