Ravioli Plain

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Ravioli Plain
Level 1-10
RO RavioliPlain.jpg
The least plain of plains.
Race Doram
Affiliation Pasta
Location South of Lasagna
Technical Name(s) lasa_fild01

The Ravioli Plain is dotted with various fruits, vegetables, and sweet treats. Due to the layout of the rivers that divide up the land into different sections, Dorams from Lasagna are able to quickly traverse the land using skimmer boats.

Patches[edit | edit source]

  • Patch (2015 Nov. 04)
    • The setting of Ravioli Plain Border Station (lasa_fild01) and Ravioli Forest (lasa_fild02) will be changed. (Added 11:42)
      • Items "Dead Branches", "Bloody Branches", polymorph options are prohibited to use items.
      • If the character dies, the experience value is changed so as not lower.