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Ragnarok manhwa10.jpg
Reina on the cover of Volume 10.
Gender Female
Job Class Archer
Race Elf
Main Weapon a bow
First Appearance Volume 8 (Ragnarok)
Leave this land, mortals! Alfheim is not for those such as you!
~ Reina warning Chaos and the others

Reina (name not stated in the original release) is an elfish archer that Chaos and his friends have run into during their time in the city of Geffen.

She appears to be the last of her kind and wishes to protect the secret of Alfhiem, the ancient realm of the elves. She doesn’t like Lidia as she is trying to steal the treasures of Alfhiem but she puts aside her differences with her and Loki during their adventure in Alfhiem while battling Julianna and Viceroy Zanzibar.

(Since the manhwa has been halted it is unsure what will become of her after her, Lidia, and Loki’s adventure.)