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Research Note
The book's info window.
Type Readable Book
Effects none
Weight 0
Source Nameless Island Entry Quest
Cost to buy --
Cost to sell --

Much of the writing on this note isn't legible since it's badly damaged.

NOTE: The text shown here is not a direct copy-paste as the game includes the player's thoughts within the text. Therefore, the book's formatting has been modified for better comprehension of the text.

In-Game Text[]

This is someone's personal journal.

There are blood spots all over the pages and the daily entries only consist of a few brief sentences. it's very difficult to read this journal because of all the blood stains.

Month X 4th

Who wrote this book?... I feel like I'm missing too much necessary information.

Month X 17th

There's something very interesting in this book... It's only a small part, but...

Month X 3rd

This book... It's dangerous... But...

Month X 25th

I can't control myself anymore. I can't stop reading it...

Month X 10th

My research is almost done. Once it's complete...

Month X 30th

Finally. It's done. Now it'll probably...

This page is a bit crumpled, but it's fairly legible compared to the other pages.

Month X 1st

My research is finally complete. I've found that this book details a method that can summon exogamic life. I've been alone on this island and could not help succumbing to my curiosity.

I will try it. I'm going to summon a creature. Whether it will be a devil or an angel... I'll write about it tomorrow in my journal.

The rest of the pages are tattered and stained dark red with dried blood.

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