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Roderick Frontain
Gender Male
Job Class Tournament Co-host
Race Norman
Friends Karl Johann Spiegel
First Appearance Volume 9 (Ragnarok)
She's really a well-rounded contestant. Very well-rounded.
~ Roderick commenting about Fay

Roderick Frontain is the co-host announcer of the Geffen Tournament of Magic and the account manager of the Gravity Research Union (as said in the original release). He also appears to be an old friend of Spiegel.

He is a rather perverted person who keeps peeking on women's breasts with his binoculars. Despite that, he has a lot of knowledge about magic and fighting techniques. He recognizes every single move that Fenris uses and is curious about who Fenris really is.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Roderick is introduced looking at Fay Kanavion's breasts through his binoculars before having said binoculars shattered by his co-host Angelina Kidman. After getting assistance from a couple of swordswomen, he responds to Angelina's inquiries about the extra precautions that the city was taking in regards to the tournament. He goes on to explain that the rim of the arena's platform is laden with dragon spheres, which are powerful enough to contain attacks from the competitors and keep the spectators safe. Angelina comments on the usage of such rare artifacts, to which Roderick says is necessary considering the skills of the competitors have risen over the years.

As the round between Fay and Fenris continues, Roderick is astonished that the warlock is able to use what he calls a word of power; a spell which allows the caster to instantly destroy their opponent with one word. However, the spell requires that the caster must know the exact limits of the opponent or else risk having the spell destroy the caster instead. It is then that Roderick is informed by a swordswoman that Fenris is one of the heroes who helped defend Prontera during Himmelmez's undead invasion.

In a later round which has Fenris go up against Rebecca Vernene, Roderick is easily able to recognize the warlock's ability to raise her opponent up into the air and use Tetra Vortex on the wizard. He surmises that Fenris may not even be human considering how very few people have knowledge about the spells she uses.[1]