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Character Rogue.jpg
Rogue concept art for RO.
Job Tier 2nd Class (RO)
2nd Class (RO2)
Job Base Thief
RO Job Bonuses
+6 +7 +6 +4 +7 none
RO2 Job Bonuses
?? ?? ?? ?? ??

Rogues are the scourge of the desert that use advanced trickery to get what they want. Not content to just steal items and weapons, Rogues will strip their targets down to their underwear if necessary. They are not above vandalism either.


Rogues do not try to meet eyes with themselves. As people that had become free of work, seeing the recruitment announcement of Tristan III, Lord of Rune-Midgarts, they join the ranks of adventurers to test their abilities against monsters. Known as bad luck in a street alley, Rogues have the skills to strip weapons and armor before the other person could notice, with the ability to use daggers. Rogues also have the ability to automatically use various skills at the same time when attacking. If the opponent is strong, the opponent is weak, and when the opponent is weak, the opponent is incomprehensible. Will becomes anger, and the things in front of them will not be guaranteed their safety.[1]

Rogues work quickly with virtuosity and say they're the top thieves. By performing rigorous training with special exquisite skills, they are highly distinguished thieves that aren't limited by rules or restraints. They move freely around the land, as they are separate from all rules of society. Rogues will strengthen themselves by learning and stealing other techniques, sometimes stripping armor and weapons. To them, the rules of combat do not apply.[2]

Job Change Quest

See Rogue Job Change

Notable Rogues


Rogue concept art for RO2.

For their trickery and deception, only Normans are low enough to become Rogues.


Rogues can only equip gear designated as:

  • Thief Classes
  • Rogue Classes
  • 2nd Classes
  • All Classes
  • Light Armor (RO2 only)


Rogues can use the following weapons:


Ragnarok Online

Tree Skills Quest Skills
RO SwordMastery.png Sword Mastery RO CloseConfine.png Close Confine
RO VulturesEye.png Vulture's Eye
RO Snatch.png Snatch
RO Haggle.png Haggle
RO GangstersParadise.png Gangster's Paradise
RO TunnelDrive.png Tunnel Drive
RO Plagiarize.png Plagiarize
RO Intimidate.png Intimidate
RO BackStab.png Back Stab
RO StripArmor.png Strip Armor
RO StripHelm.png Strip Helm
RO StripShield.png Strip Shield
RO StripWeapon.png Strip Weapon
RO StealCoin.png Steal Coin
RO FlagGraffiti.png Flag Graffiti
RO Graffiti.png Graffiti
RO Cleaner.png Cleaner
RO Raid.png Raid
RO RemoveTrap.png Remove Trap
RO DoubleStrafe.png Double Strafe

Ragnarok Online II

Base Skills Master Skills
RO2 DirtyPlan.png Dirty Plan RO2 ComboMastery.png Combo Mastery RO2 ChildOfYmirCthulhu.png Child of Ymir: Cthulhu
RO2 DuelStab.png Duel Stab RO2 SmokeBomb.png Smoke Bomb
RO2 GangstersParadise.png Gangster's Paradise RO2 CrescentMoon.png Crescent Moon
RO2 RollingCutter.png Rolling Cutter RO2 UnstableDoping.png Unstable Doping
RO2 DanceOfMoonlight.png Dance of Moonlight RO2 MarkOfDeath.png Mark of Death

Advanced Jobs

Ragnarok Online

Rogues can move on to become Shadow Chasers or transcend to Stalker.

1st Class 2nd Class 3rd Class Transcendant
Thief Rogue Shadow Chaser Stalker

Ragnarok Online II

Rogues can be further customized through the Master Level System.


  • A rogue is a vagrant person who wanders from place to place. Like a drifter, a rogue is an independent person who rejects conventional rules of society in favor of following their own personal goals and values.[3].



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