Rupi is the subunit of the Zeny. The exchange rate of rupi to zeny is 1,000 rupi = 1 zeny.

In the English release of the manhwa, rupi is translated as ruperos. In Ragnarok Online II, the rupi is misspelled as rupee.

Ragnarok Online II

RO2 Zeny

The Zeny (gold) and Rupi (silver) as they appear in RO2.

In Ragnarok Online II, players use both levels of currency from the manhwa: the zeny and the rupi.

In RO2, players can see their monetary earnings via the game interface (underneath the bag icons). Zeny is denoted as a gold coin while Rupi is denoted as a silver coin.


  • The rupi as seen in the game looks like the silver icon that is used in many MMORPGs.
  • The exchange rate from Rupi to Zeny was originally 10,000 Rupi = 1 Zeny in Gate of the World. The exchange rate was lessened to 1,000 Rupi = 1 Zeny in Legend of the Second.[1]

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