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Sarah Irine
Ragnarok manhwa5.jpg
Sarah on the cover of Volume 5.
Gender Female
Job Class Valkyrie
Race Norman
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Main Weapon Haeryongdo (sword)
Family Iris Irine (half-sister)
Doyen Irine (father)
unknown mother
First Appearance Volume 1 (Ragnarok)
Episode 14 (Ragnarok Online)
I am Sarah Irine, one of the twelve Valkyries of Valhalla. You should be happy to face me.
~ Sarah upon meeting Fenris

Sarah Irine (Korean: 사라) is one of the twelve Valkyries of Freyja.

The English release of the manhwa misspelled her name as Sara Irine. On iRO, she is localized as Sara Irene.


As an elite warrior of Valhalla, Sarah is immensely powerful in both strength and magical abilities. Sarah has the ability to summon Frost Giants.

She wields the legendary Sword of Retribution, Haeryongdo.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Sarah is first seen attempting to hunt down Fenris Fenrir, although the warlock escapes.[1][2] She later devastates Payon with an army of ice Jotunn.[3]

It's soon discovered that Sarah is, in fact, the half-sister of Iris. When Sarah was only 4 years old, she witnessed her father standing over her bloody mother and ran off in fear. In actuality, Sarah's mother was attacked by an assassin that was eventually killed by her father Doyen Irine and what Sarah saw made her think her father killed her mother. As Sarah ran from her father, she encounters two shadowy figures who promise her great power. She goes with them and is never seen again for twelve years.[4][5]

At the battle of Prontera, Sarah saves both Iris and Fenris from the witch Bijou, although she dispassionately tells her half-sister that she will finish her the next time they meet.[6]



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  • Patch (2016 Aug. 17)
    • The "Sarah" boss that appears in the memorial dungeon "Fenrir and Sarah" is changed to MVP status.