Secret Wing

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Secret Wing
Type Organization
Affiliation Schwarzwald
Base of Operations unknown
Notable Members none
First Appearance Episode 10 (Ragnarok Online)

Secret Wing is an underground organization with the main objective of bringing down the Rekenber Corporation and turn Schwarzwald into a true republic. Something happened to the organization and its members are now scattered all over the world, but some are still active.

The organization also goes by the name Wing of Secret.

Members[edit | edit source]

  • Ghalstein - Assigned to Lighthalzen to investigate the Rekenber Corporation's headquarters.
  • Benith - Assigned to the Kafra Corporation headquarters in Aldebaran.
  • Jargeah - Not much is known about him other than he is well-known and loved in the organization.
  • Esuna - A Kafra Corp. member assigned to Lighthalzen.
  • Kurelle - Aide and friend to the president.
  • Ashe Milton - An assistant to Laura Laurence in the Odin's Temple Excavation.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.
A Kafra Corp. agent of Secret Wing.

It all began when President Karl Theodore Weierstrass was contacted by people from the Kafra Corporation who shared his sentiments against the Rekenber Corporation. Kafra Corp. was facing aggressive competition from the Zonda Corporation, which is backed by Rekenber. Both the president and Kafra Corp. members gathered more devotees to the cause and formed Secret Wing. The president's direct contact with Kafra Corp. is the 3rd Secret Team (Kafra agents dressed in black). Secret Wing's only goal is to destroy the Rekenber Corp. and break the Schwarzwald Republic free from its oppression.

Everything changed when Secret Wing member Ghalstein meets an adventurer in Lighthalzen whom he caught overhearing his conversation with another Secret Wing member. The adventurer is then recruited involuntarily into the organization by way of a special red pill administered by Ghalstein, which would ensure the adventurer will not betray the organization.

Over the course of the adventurer's stay in the organization, a few members of the organization were killed in the process of obtaining incriminating evidence and information about Rekenber. The biggest blow to the organization came with the death of beloved Secret Wing member Jargeah. Later, it is suspected that Rekenber may be on to the group and soon enough a large number of members were killed, forcing the remaining members to flee Schwarzwald for their own safety. The heavy losses were attributed to the betrayal of the president's good friend Kurelle, who had been relaying Secret Wing's every move to Rekenber. The organization had no choice but to abandon the president.[1]

Some time later, it is discovered that some of the remaining Secret Wing members have been staying active to the cause by continuing operations outside of Schwarzwald and in Hugel, both of which are beyond Rekenber's range of control.[2]

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