Sento Enterprises Ltd.
Type Private company
Industry Software
Founded 2005
Headquarters Dubai, United Arab Emirates[1]
Key People  ??
Products MMORPG and Mobile video games
Number of Employees  ??
Parent GRAVITY Co., Ltd.
Subsidiaries none
Website No data yet.

Sento Enterprises is the publisher that hosted the original Arabic server (aeRO) in 2005.[2] In 2007, Sento Enterprises became Gravity MEA (Middle-East Arab) and launched the aeRO server from 2007 to 2008.[3]


In May of 2005, GRAVITY granted Sento Enterprises the right to service RO in 14 countries in the middle east. About five months later, Sento Enterprises stopped servicing the Syria region.[4] aeRO never came out of beta and shut down sometime during late 2008-early 2009. It's unknown what the last update it had before it closed, though it was up to at least Episode 9.0.[5]

In November of 2015, Sento Enterprises was liquidated, marking the end of GRAVITY's services in the middle east.[6]


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