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Servant Weapon - Phantom
Usable by
Job Class Dragon Knight
Type Offensive
Category Melee
Levels 5
Cast Time none
Cooldown none
Other Information
Requirements Servant Weapon Lv. 5 & Servant Weapon - Sign Lv. 5

Instantly approaches the target and consumes all weapons to both the target in the 7x7 cell range around the target and the target within the 5x5 cell range around the target, inflicting melee physical damage equal to the number of weapons consumed, with a certain probability [Status Abnormality: Blind]. Damage is additionally increased according to the caster's base level and POW, and critical damage is applied according to the caster's critical probability. In case of critical damage, half of the total critical damage increase options are applied.

  • [Level 1]: ATK 200% / Status Activation Chance: 40%
  • [Level 2]: ATK 300% / Status Activation Chance: 50%
  • [Level 3]: ATK 400% / Status Activation Chance: 60%
  • [Level 4]: ATK 500% / Status Activation Chance: 70%
  • [Level 5]: ATK 600% / Status Activation Chance: 80%

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