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Shinaim as seen in RO.
Gender Female
Job Class Chief of Staff
Race Laphine
First Appearance Episode 14 (Ragnarok Online)
It's an item that fits you perfectly. I mean, you who work for the king. Hehe.
~ Shinaim

Shinaim is Eclage's chief of staff. She is courteous and professional, if not a little strange.

On iRO, this character is localized as Shenime and Shnaim.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Shinaim hears word of a certain Midgardian that has arrived in Eclage and orders Minuel to seek out the individual. Upon meeting the adventurer, Shinaim greets him/her with words of welcome and suggests that he/she meet the Mayor Jun in person. However, Shinaim asks the adventurer to not tell anyone of his/her special audience with the Mayor Jun, as the people of Eclage would find it strange that the Mayor Jun would be willing to meet a foreigner in person. Minuel then comes to escort the adventurer out of the palace until the time came.

Some time later, the adventurer returns to Shinaim, who acknowledges that the adventurer has gained the Mayor Jun's favor. She then proceeds to reward the adventurer with a Fairy Wing.[1] After the adventurer leaves with his/her gift, Shinaim proceeds to a Yai in the eastern part of Eclage where Avant was residing in secret. Avant was initially researching the Orb of Eclage on his own until Shinaim urged him to progress his research. He only wanted to look into the natural existence of the Orb, but Shinaim convinced him to find out more about the Orb's source of power. In return, Shinaim offered to provide Avant with a Yai and the materials necessary to continue his experiments.[2]

Shinaim meets up with adventurer again back at the palace and the chief of staff asks him/her to help her with delivering some Dustballs and Leaf Bookmarks to the Yai in the eastern portion of Eclage. When the adventurer meets up with Shinaim again, the chief of staff relays the details of Eclage's Orb and how it works. She goes on to express how she doesn't trust Kardui to be a good Mayor Jun and is just waiting for the next Mayor Jun to take his place.[3]

After the adventurer leaves, Kardui orders more security around the Orb of Eclage, much to Shinaim's chagrin. As she tries to figure out how to get to the Orb, the adventurer approaches her to ask about the Orb. Shinaim formulates a plan to use the adventurer to cause a distraction and inflicts him/her with a hallucinogen that causes him/her to perceive the Eclage guards as incarnations of Morocc. While the adventurer fights the guards, Shinaim uses the opportunity to steal the core of the Eclage Orb and flee to the Bifrost.

Once she was in a safe place in the Bifrost, Shinaim breaks out of the Laphine body, revealing himself to be an apostle of Morocc. He enters the Dimensional Gap to rejoin his master Surt.[4] After joining up with Surt and his fellow apostle Ahat, Shinaim gives up his soul to help strengthen his master.[5] It remains unknown as to the name of the Laphine whose body Shinaim took over.


  • Shinaim is Hebrew for "teeth."