Signum Crusis
RO SignumCrusis
Usable by
Job Class Acolyte, Super Novice
Type Active
Category Supportive
Levels 10
Cast Time 0.5 seconds
Cooldown 2 seconds
Other Information
Requirements Demon Bane Lv. 3

Signum Crusis decreases the Hard DEF of Undead Element and Demon Race monsters on the caster's screen. Success rate is determined by the caster's and enemy's level.

This skill works on boss monsters. It doesn't work on players wearing undead armor.

RO SignumCrusisIcon


  • When Signum Crusis succeeds, the target enemy will perform the "/swt" emote.


  • The sign of the cross (Latin: signum crucis), or blessing oneself or crossing oneself, is a ritual blessing made by members of many branches of Christianity. This blessing is made by the tracing of an upright cross or + across the body with the right hand, often accompanied by spoken or mental recitation of the trinitarian formula.[1]


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