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Sograt Desert
Level 12 - 65
RO SogratDesert.jpg
Affiliation Rune-Midgarts
Location Near Morocc
Technical Name(s) moc_fild01, moc_fild02, moc_fild03, moc_fild04, moc_fild05, moc_fild06 moc_fild07, moc_fild08, moc_fild09, moc_fild10, moc_fild11, moc_fild12, moc_fild13, moc_fild14, moc_fild15, moc_fild16, moc_fild17, moc_fild18, moc_fild19

The Sograt Desert is a vast expanse of sand dotted with trees, rocks, and ruins. It was the site of the legendary battle between the fire jotunn Surt and the Norman warrior Thanatos.


Hundreds of years ago, Surt led a legion of demons from Muspelheim to attempt to destroy Midgard for the second time. In his path was the warrior Thanatos, who fought him for 10 days and nights. On the last day, Thanatos managed to seal Surt within Midgard's crust and a shrine was built upon that seal in order to maintain its hold on Surt. The shrine eventually expanded into the city-state of Morocc.

After two attempts to free Surt, the fire jotunn broke out of his earthly prison and razed Morocc to the ground. Surt then proceeded eastward where he opened a dimensional rift, which devastated a huge portion of the Sograt Desert. To this day, Sograt Desert to the east of the ruins of Morocc remains a Dimensional Gorge.

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