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RO StarEmperorSymbol.png Star Emperor
Character StarEmperor.jpg
Star Emperor concept art for RO.
Job Tier 3rd Class
Job Base Star Gladiator
RO Job Bonuses
11 9 5 3 9 3
RO2 Job Bonuses
none none none none none

Star Emperors perfected the knowledge of the sun, moon, and the universe beyond.[1]

The Star Emperor can strengthen himself by performing "Stances" such as "sun" and "star". By taking various "Stances" attitudes, you will be able to develop specific skills. A blow from a state in which you take a stand and care about your body can do a lot of damage to your opponent. It is a recommended occupation for those who are looking for a powerful attacker of one blow death.


Among the powers dealing with the sun, moon, and stars, there were those who craved a wider range of knowledge to enhance strength. They began to study around the world, being in a position to learn how to deal with the power of the universe and no longer limited to the sun, moon, and stars. Once they reach a point where they no longer have to take power, they have learned the knowledge of the universe. These people were known as Star Emperors.[2]

Job Change Quest

See Star Emperor Job Change

Notable Star Emperors


Only Normans can become Star Emperors.


Concept draft of the Star Emperor.

Star Emperors can only equip gear designated as:

  • All Classes except Novice
  • Taekwon Class
  • Star Emperor Class
  • 3rd Class


Star Emperors can either fight unarmed or use Books.


RO PurificationOfTheSunMoonAndStars.png Purification of the Sun, Moon, and Stars RO RecordOfTheSunMoonAndStars.png Record of the Sun, Moon, and Stars RO DimensionalBook.png Dimensional Book RO DimensionalStanding.png Dimensional Standing
RO SunStance.png Sun Stance RO BlazingKick.png Blazing Kick RO ExplodingSun.png Exploding Sun RO LightOfTheSun.png Light of the Sun
RO MoonStance.png Moon Stance RO MoonSlashingKick.png Moon Slashing Kick RO FullMoonKick.png Full Moon Kick RO LightOfTheMoon.png Light of the Moon
RO StarStance.png Star Stance RO FlashingKick.png Flashing Kick RO ShootingStar.png Shooting Star RO LightOfTheStars.png Light of the Stars
RO UniverseStance.png Universe Stance RO Supernova.png Supernova RO GravityControl.png Gravity Control RO AdventOfStarEmperor.png Advent of Star Emperor

Advanced Jobs

Star Emperors are the highest job class in in this branch.

1st Class 2nd Class 3nd Class
Taekwon Soul Linker Soul Reaper
Star Gladiator Star Emperor



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  • Patch (2018 Jun. 20)
    • Implemented 3rd Class Extended Jobs "Star Emperor" and "Soul Reaper" and corresponding job change quests.
      • "Sungjae" is the main authority in charge of class recruitment. Talk to the man in a strange outfit in Payon (payon 171/171).
      • A group of "Soul Reapers" can be found at Payon East Field (pay_fild08 51/82). Meet with struggling crowds of Soul Linkers nearby.