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Swordsman concept art for RO2: The Gate of the World.

The way of the sword is the oldest combat profession in Norman history. With a longsword at their side, Swordsmen fight with heavy-hitting blows and defensive skills. To be a successful Swordsman, one needs to have a strong body, self-confidence, and the courage to stand in front of their comrades to protect them from all dangers. A Swordsman's life is not for those who would neglect discipline, but for people with a burning desire for justice and a strong fighting spirit.[1]


Normans are the only race that can become Swordsmen.


Swordsmen can only use armor designated as:

  • Swordsman Only
  • All Job Classes


Swordsmen are only able to use the following weapons:


RO2 LongSwordMastery.png Long Sword Mastery RO2 WarriorsBody.png Warrior's Body
RO2 WildBlood.png Wild Blood File:RO2 ViolentAttack.png Violent Attack
RO2 PainfulEndurance.png Painful Endurance File:RO2 ToughWarrior.png Tough Warrior
RO2 Inspiration(GOTW).png Inspiration RO2 DrawAttention.png Draw Attention
RO2 ShieldStrike.png Shield Strike RO2 ChangeAttack.png Change Attack
RO2 LightBlow.png Light Blow RO2 Bash(GOTW).png Bash
RO2 TraumaticBlow(GOTW).png Traumatic Blow File:RO2 Bam.png Bam
RO2 Charge.png Charge RO2 BodySlam.png Body Slam
File:RO2 DecisiveBlow.png Decisive Blow RO2 MagnumBreak(GOTW).png Magnum Break
RO2 DefenseStance.png Defense Stance RO2 Deflect.png Deflect
File:RO2 HighBlock.png High Block File:RO2 GroundStrike.png Ground Strike


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