The Last Room

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The Last Room
The final destination for one poor soul.
Location Verus City
Race Varies
Level 160
Cooldown 24 hours
Technical Name(s) 1@uns

The Last Room is a dungeon instance that is only accessible inside of the Lab-OPTATIO district of Verus City. Completion of the Vestige quest is required to access this instance.

Maps[edit | edit source]

NPCs[edit | edit source]


  • ???


Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Time Limit: none

  1. To start this instance, go to Verity (verus01 123/181) on LAB-OPTATIO and choose the device option to be warped to the Last Room entrance. Speak with Mark.
    • WARNING: Verity will take your Gravitation Safety Device if you choose the device option, so make sure you're actually going to do the instance before picking that option. If you do not have your device, you will have to take the long way down to The Last Room by talking to Alph in the bunker.
  2. Once you're on the pathway, talk to Verity.
  3. As you head north, a security system triggers and monsters will spawn. Kill all these monsters and then destroy the System Message in the south-west corner of the map.
  4. Go north again and speak to Tamarin.
  5. Keep going north and enter the warp. A new security system will trigger.
  6. Walk ahead until you meet another batch of monsters and Verity at the end of the hallway. Talk to her and enter the door.
  7. Inside the room, talk to Verity again. As the final protocol begins, T_W_O and System Messages will spawn and attack you. System Messages will spawn as the time goes and start healing her. They are plant protocol and take 1 damage.
    • T_W_O has 48m HP, Demon race and Shadow 3 element.
    • She casts Wide Stone Curse, Wide Soul Drain, and Critical Wounds so Undead armor, SP pots, and % recovery items or leech helps a lot here.
    • She will drop Mysterious Part when defeated.
  8. After she's defeated, talk to her and you will get warped out of the instance.
  9. Speak to Fru (verus01 151/173) to get another Gravitation Safety Device and 1 Intact Machine Component.
    • She won't give you the items if you do not complete your T_W_O killcount for the quest, so make sure you're close enough to the monster during the fight to register your killcount.

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