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The Schwarzwald Adventurer
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Inside the east wing.
Location Republic Library
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The Schwarzwald Adventurer is a guidebook edited by the Sage Historical Research Community. It is described as "the latest in modern adventure history of the S.R." and published by Academia Press, Co.

On iRO, this object is localized as The Schwaltzvalt Adventurer.

In-Game Text[]


It's the golden age of adventuring. Now, more than ever, men and women around the world are bravely setting off to new lands for the sake of excitement and "do good-ing."

But first, we need to cover all of the technical jargon that will appear later in this book.

A "dungeon" is a place where creatures that we call "monsters" live.

A "weapon" is a tool that adventurers...

Table of Contents[]

Ch. 1: Jellopy Dos and Don'ts

Ch. 2: Learning to Sit

Ch. 3: What Does a Weapon Do?

Ch. 4: Yes, Knives are Used for More Than Just Cooking

Ch. 5: Potions and When to Drink Them