Thousand-Year War

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Thousand-Year War
Participants Aesir, Vanir, fire Jotunn
Date 1204 M.C.
Location Midgard

The Thousand-Year War is a great war between the Giants and Gods. The continent of Midgard collapsed under the destructive force of the fire giants from the world of Muspelheim, under the command of the Jotunn Surt. They were confronted by the king of the gods, Odin, and Jaoong and were eventually defeated.[1]

The war was supposed to culminate into the cataclysm known as Ragnarok. Ragnarok is meant to end the Age of Gods and begin the Age of Man. Any year that passed since the war is denoted by A.W. (After War). Somehow, Freyja managed to delay Ragnarok and allow the Age of Gods to extend for another 1000 years.

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