• Does anyone know the name of the manufacturer that produced these licensed RO headgears? I'm turning up empty on Google searches so I don't know how to go about looking information on these up since I keep getting redirected to RO databases.

    EDIT: Okay, so thanks to CM Oda of iRO, the headgears were originally distributed from RO Shop. However there's no information on what company actually manufactured it. Typing in "RO Shop hats" in Google has proven to be futile as I'm still getting redirect to RO databases. Emote sigh

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    • Welp, thanks to an anonymous player, it seems that a recurring manufacturer on early RO merchandise appears to be Tomato Co. (possibly similar to Broccoli Co. Ltd.). I remember some old anime merchandise were also manufactured by Tomato Co. so that hints at it as possibly being a Japanese company. Just can't understand why GRAVITY didn't bother to cite the manufacturer on their merchandise tags. And what's with all these Asian manufacturers using generic words for their company names, it really makes it hard to track them down! Emote bzz

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