• I spent this past week processing a request to open a Gamepedia branch of the wiki in an effort to provide an alternative version of the wiki for more traditional wiki editors to work on. As of today, the Gamepedia branch of the Ragnarok Wiki is now ready for editing!

    Gamepedia branch

    I will be managing both versions of the wiki concurrently, syncing up information between the two sites as they update. Since Gamepedia has no support for integrated blogs and forums, that content will be Wikia-exclusive for the time being.

    I do plan to do a bit more with the Gamepedia site's CSS eventually, so don't fret too much about the formatting of the frontpage.

    So what's the difference between Wikia and Gamepedia?

    Well, both are basically wiki farm sites. Whereas Wikia supports pretty much any kind of wiki out there, Gamepedia is centered around video games. Both have editing achievement systems and both have public message walls of sorts (although Gamepedia has them on by default while Wikia allows you to opt out of those features). In addition, both sites have video and Twitter integration support and both have polling features.

    That is about where the similarities end. Here's a quick list of the significant differences between each site's features.


    • An image slider for up to 4 images that can be viewed in any order at the user's discretion.
    • Integrated forums (although that is up for debate with the push on replacing them with Discussions).
    • Weblogs
    • Easy to start up a wiki


    • Private messaging
    • More Wikipedia-style editing
    • Twitch, Vimeo, and Yahoo video support
    • Making a wiki requires staff approval and support
    • Kickstarter widget
    • Friendlist
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