• As some of you may know, I've been selling Ragnarök stuff (with the permission of Gravity Interactive) through my RedBubble shop. After some time, I thought it'd be most appropriate to start sorting the Ragnarök merchandise into its own category. Hence was born the Ragnarök Wiki Shop!


    Obviously the point of the shop is NOT to help support the Ragnarök Wiki, as the wiki is already being hosted by Wikia and Gamepedia. (And I honestly don't make that much profit off the shop anyways, especially with all the frequent sales.) No, no, the shop is simply here to allow Ragnarök fans the opportunity to own some Ragnarök lore merchandise. Because, as we all know, GRAVITY simply sucks at offering this kind of merchandise to fans, both gamers and readers. So until they finally see the light, fans can acquire these fanmade substitutes in the meantime.

    So, go on! Show off your Rune-Midgarts, Schwarzwald, or Arunafeltz pride! Become honorary "members" of Lord Irine's family or the Assassins Guild. Or simply relive the olden days of RO Shop with the "I Emoticon heart Ragnarök" merchandise.

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