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    Aeria Games, which hosted their own portal to the iRO2 server, has suddenly decided to stop their Aeria Ignite support for the game starting today.

    "Aeria Games is closing its Ragnarok Online 2 channeling effective August 15, 2017. Players of Ragnarok Online 2 that use Aeria Games will no longer be able to login through their service. Unfortunately, this change was not communicated to us in time to make appropriate preparations. As a result, the transition for our Aeria Games users will not be as fluid as we would have liked."

    Source: Ragnarok Online 2 Facebook

    Gravity Interactive is scrambling to convert Aeria Games accounts to WarpPortal accounts since nothing in Aeria Games' forums indicated that they were ceasing support of Ragnarok Online II. Some Aeria Games users have reported that they can still log into iRO2 using their accounts, although it remains to be seen how much longer they can log in until Aeria Games severs logins through their Aeria Ignite client. For now, their RO2 section on the forums remains open.

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