• Thanks to a new policy regarding the European Union, known as the GDPR, Gravity Interactive will no longer service players from the EU beginning in May.

    "Due to the changes of our company's service policy for the European regions, we are saddened to bring you news that, all games and WarpPortal services to the European regions listed below will be terminated on May 25th, 2018.

    The following European countries will be affected by the termination of service: All the European countries except for Russian Federation and the CIS countries.

    All WarpPortal game access and account access will be blocked by regional IP. Refunds will be gradually sent for purchases made from February 1st 2018 to April 30th 2018 to those affected by this service termination."

    Source: WarpPortal Forums

    This change in policy seems to also affect players that are within the continent of Europe, but not part of the EU itself. It remains to be seen what would be done with geographically European countries that do not follow the GDPR.

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    • i think this is just a move to make fRO more popular cause he is the official eu server.

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    • well the title is wrong. Gravity still supports EU players, but warpportal doesnt aggree to the GDPR, so it seems. ôò the real question is, when will ragnarok mobile for eu get released? and in addition to that, will be get an ip ban from ragnarok mobile china?

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    • I am not aware that Gravity Interactive's WarpPortal network system is now a separate entity. Is there a SEC report that supports this claim?

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    • na i mean, Warpportal != Gravity.

      Warpportal is the publisher of Ragnarok Online for America. So, Warpportal will Ip-block all europeans in all the games they publish. 


      There is also an european ragnarok online for example, from another publisher, which wont ip block anyone.  another publisher would be XD.Global for example. They have the rights to Ragnarok Idle, same as Warpportal does, but the game creator is Gravity.

      What this means is, europeans will not be able to play warpportals Ragnarok Idle anymore, but they will still be able to play Ragnarok Idle published by XD.Global.

      So title of this thread should be: Warpportal No Longer Servicing EU Players. >.>  Gravity has not so much to do with it.

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    • Feel free to go to any WarpPortal website and scroll down to the copyright information to prove me wrong. You seem insistent that WarpPortal is the name of the publishing company, which it isn't.

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    • ._. seems ur right, but rly was thinkin warpportal was its own company ~~ whatever <3

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