• About 10 months ago, Aeria Games suddenly decided to drop their support for Ragnarok Online II, leaving many RO2 players in the dust now that they can no longer play RO2 through the Aeria Ignite client. Gravity Interactive struggled to assist Aeria players with transferring their data to WarpPortal accounts, but progress has been slow-going due to Aeria's refusal to notify Gravity Interactive of them dropping support for the game ahead of time.

    With Gravity Interactive's thinning staff being spread across hosting 8 games and developing 4 games in-house, they have finally decided to stop offering transfer support of Aeria accounts by the end of this month.

    "Aeria Games Account Holders:

    Please note that all requests to convert your Aeria Games account to a WarpPortal account must be received by June 30, 2018. All requests must be submitted through our support system:"

    Source: Ragnarok Online 2 Facebook

    Gravity Interactive wishes to emphasize that if players have already submitted a ticket, they would not need to send another one as their request would be considered to have been submitted by the designated deadline. Players with existing tickets need to respond to their existing ticket past the deadline as no more ticket requests for data transfer would be accepted past the due date.

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