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    During the fifth anniversary celebration of Tencent Mobile Games, a new Ragnarok mobile game was revealed. Ragnarok: Love at First Sight will utilize the models and environments of Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Guardians of Love, but aimed to invoke a more Ragnarok Online-like gameplay.

    Unlike Eternal Guardians, players in Love at First Sight will be able to interact with the environment such as sitting in a chair or climbing ladders. Non-player characters will have more personality and the game will even have a weather system that affects battles. A day/night cycle will also be in the game, impacting monster spawns and entrances to the maps. Love at First Sight seeks to immerse players better in the world of Ragnarok, offering choices in the storyline that can change the experience.

    Source: Ruan 8 Games

    Players can visit the new mobile game's site here: 仙境传说RO:爱如初见.

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