• Starting today, I will be now managing this wiki in a purely supervisory manner. I will no longer personally update this wiki as I've decided to redirect my efforts to the Gamepedia branch. If anyone wishes to follow my lorekeeping, you may continue to do so at the Gamepedia site. I do not expect backlash from the Wikia/Fandom staff, but should there be any backlash, this may be the last update I'll be making as an admin.

    All character and location pages that I created have been deleted, so the community can remake those pages here in a way of their choosing and not mine. Job class, item, quest, and monster pages remain intact as those were mostly just copy-pastes of information anyhow. If there are any lorekeeper that wishes to continue work on this branch of the wiki, feel free to do so. I won't force my standards of quality here on this wiki anymore, so you guys now have complete freedom to build the wiki as you please. I will only observe and stave off vandals from here on out.

    The no pserver rules still applies, though. Any pserver advertisements will be promptly removed.

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