• Hi ZeroTigress, 

    Considering the wiki's main page and low activity, I assume this community has already fully committed to editing on Gamepedia instead. Therefore, we'd like to help complete this process by archiving this wiki (so it remains visible, but not editable) on June 1st and putting up a banner to direct users to Gamepedia. 

    Down the road, when Google has caught up to the change and traffic to this wiki has died down, we may close and redirect it altogether. 

    If you have any concerns about this, please let me know as soon as possible! Otherwise, the merger will be completed on June 1st by staff. You don't need to do anything extra, and this is just to let you and anyone else who is still visiting this wiki know in advance, in case you have questions!

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    • ... June 1st falls on a weekend, so we'll be finishing up the merge today!

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