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Torturous Redeemer
The redeemer's Norman form.
Gender Male
Job Class Prince
Race Demon
First Appearance Volume 10 (Ragnarok)
Episode 14 (Ragnarok Online)
To think that the object of my long search should be brought straight to me!
~ Torturous Redeemer

The Torturous Redeemer is a demon of Muspelheim who has searched long and hard for the dread blade Tartanos. In his Norman form, he comes off as being a prince of a far off land.

In Ragnarok Online, Torturous Redeemer appears in the Cursed Knight instance.


Torturous Redeemer has the ability to spawn and manipulate thorny vines. As such, he can bind his targets and kill them in one move.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

After Sakray was assigned to be Titania's bodyguard, the Torturous Redeemer came to the castle in order to seek Titania's hand in marriage. He then manipulates the king to convince him that Sakray was going to destroy him and take his daughter for himself. In doing so, he succeeds in getting Sakray imprisoned so that he would leave Titania and the king unprotected. When he got his chance, the Redeemer proceeds to kill the king and begins to torture Titania. Before he could finish her off, Sakray comes armed with Tartanos.

The Redeemer initially began taunting Sakray for trying to find Titania until he saw that the knight wielded the very sword that he was looking for. He then offers Sakray a trade: Titania's life for Tartanos. Sakray agrees to the deal and the Redeemer binds the knight in thorny vines after the exchange was made. The demon revels in his victory until Tartanos rejects him and rips apart his arm in retaliation. Angry that Sakray had already bound his soul to the sword, the Redeemer brutally kills Titania. Sakray breaks free from the Redeemer's vines and proceeds to kill the demon in one blow.[1][2]


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