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Tristan Gaebolg III
The king as seen in the game.
Gender Male
Job Class Monarch
Race Norman
First Appearance Episode 1 (Ragnarok Online)

Tristan Gaebolg III is the 36th descendent of the Gaebolg family and king of the Rune-Midgarts kingdom. He is most notable for outlawing alcohol in the entire kingdom. In addition to running the kingdom, he also officiates marriages at the Prontera Sanctuary. He has recently gone missing so Vomars is now in charge of officiating marriages in Rune-Midgarts.

NOTE: The iRO version of the game switches back and forth between Tristan III and Tristram III when referring to the king. On kRO, the name is spelled as 국왕 트리스탄 in Korean. Proper translation for this is "King Tristan".[1]


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

King Tristan tried to have Jormungandr's deadly curse exorcised from his family line with the help of the Pronteran priests. Many days were spent selecting only the best priest to perform the exorcism. After much delegation, Bonnie Imbullea was chosen to perform the exorcism on his three only sons in the secret ceremonial grounds. Unfortunately, the exorcism failed and all three princes were killed instead of the first. So fraught with guilt and shock, Bonnie exiled herself from the kingdom. It was later discovered that the second and third princes were murdered with poison developed in a far-off region to the west.[2]

One day, King Tristan goes to visit Comodo where he was kidnapped by Norman traffickers from Veins thinking he was a random rich guy. When the smugglers realized who he was, they panic at the thought of the battle-hardened Order of the Knights coming for them. In their panic, they sail across an area of the sea patrolled by Veins officials and were apprehended along with King Tristan. As the people of Veins have never met King Tristan, they did not know who he was and focused their attention on reporting to their higher-ups from Rael and interrogating the smugglers.

The Veins officials' investigation is later interrupted by Rael officials who came to take away both the King Tristan and the smugglers. King Tristan and the smugglers were taken to the Nameless Island's prison where they were to be held until the high priests of Sessrumnir could decide what they wanted to do with them.

The late king.

Alone and with no way to contact his people, King Tristan sat in a cold, dark cell for who knows how long. Suddenly, without warning, King Tristan's life was taken from him and his body laid within his cell until it eventually became an undead.[3]


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