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Level none
RO Umbala.jpg
The main greeting center of Umbala.
Type Village
Race Norman
Government Village
Rulers Chief Karkatan
Faiths Mother Tree
Location West of Rune-Midgarts

Umbala (Korean: 움발라) is a strange region with lush rainforests and centered around the Tree of Umbala.


Umbala is embedded in dense rainforests and marshes.

Points of Interest


According to legend, there is a forgotten path somewhere near north Comodo. At the end of the path, there is a giant tree from which treasure springs forth. It has been said: "Men ruled by avarice will obtain treasure. But men who are not will be led to a new world."

The bards and dancers of Comodo spread this legend to the people but for many years it was misinterpreted as a tale about an ancient kingdom of treasures or the remnants of ancient gods. It eventually misled people to dream about the fortune and glory of discovering an ancient civilization.

Over time, this legend became popular throughout the Midgard continent. As a result, droves of strange people started to gather in Comodo, one after another, in search of this legendary place.

People from all walks of life flocked to Comodo to find out what this legend was all about. Knights were dispatched from the Rune-Midgarts kingdom to verify the truth of the legend. Hunters came in search of ancient treasures. The Alchemists and Sages, who arrived, wanted to discover ancient relics. Lastly, the Rogues and Thieves arrived to enjoy themselves, at the expense of others, by "borrowing" the contents of their pockets. Many different people were hired to organize an expeditionary party. Thousands upon thousands of people searched the north area of Comodo, but the path in the legend was never found.

One day, someone found a wood-carving ornament in Luanda, the north cave of Comodo. Scholars examined the ornament and concluded that the ornament was from the tree in the legend. When this was announced, people were again reassured that the legend could be real.

At about the same time, many artifacts similar to the wood-carving ornaments were discovered in the Zenhai Marsh. This discovery made adventurers investigate the area around Luanda cave and Zenhai Marsh. One day, they found an old wooden bridge that went over a canyon, which made them understand how small and insignificant normans can be. On the other end of the bridge was a great jungle forest which was so large that it almost enveloped the sky.

The adventurers were awestruck with admiration at the beautiful jungle before them. After they crossed the bridge and ventured into the jungle, they arrived at a small tribal village full of people wearing strange masks who worshipped the Mother Tree.

They called themselves the Utan Tribe of Umbala and entertained the adventurers from Comodo with their traditional songs and dance. Many of the tribe members presented the adventurers with wood-carved ornaments to symbolize their friendship and to welcome them to their village.

Although the tribe treated the adventurers as their honored guests, some of the adventurers were not happy that the treasures that were described in the legend were nowhere to be found. Infuriated with this revelation, some of the adventurers took their anger out on village people. This caused a division within the village as some of the villagers decided to side with the visitors while others opposed them. Since the chief of the village and most of villagers favored the new visitors, they allowed more adventurers to come visit the village of the Utan. Due to the exotic surroundings, culture, and novel wood carvings, the village has become very popular to tourists and adventurers alike.[1][2]



  • Umbala means "color, dye" in the South African language of Zulu.[3]


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